Orders can be placed by e-mail or phone.  We also accept credit cards through PayPal.


Orders placed by e-mail or phone can be with purchase order or billing address by government agencies.


Shipping costs per single training CD is $6.50.


Multiple CD orders will be adjusted accordingly.  


Discounts will be appllied to orders over 5 CD's.


Licenses are available when you purchase any CD. Licenses can be purchased by e-mal, telephone or credit card.  Licenses apply to all CD's in an individual order.  For example, if you wanted to purchase 5 different CD's and wanted others in your organization to make a copy, You would pay $20.00 for each user of the 5 CD's.


Individual CD's you purcase in a single order and want to copy and utilize the program within your agancy can  be done so with a license that is $20.00 per copy.  


Contact Robert Burke for further details and questions.


Phone: 402-268-3136


E-Mail: robert.burke@windstream.net

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